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1. General Description

San Judas Tadeo University was established in 1992 with the founding of the Schools of Journalism and Education.

San Judas Tadeo University provides its students with the knowledge and academic tools to reach the highest educational level.  Our school emphasizes the core ethical values and skills required to succeed in the work place.


2. Mission:

To train professionals to the highest level in an academic, critical, scientific, technological and human environment that provides our students with a well-rounded foundation, adapted to the work environment, their personal development and the construction of a more just society.


3. Vision:

To participate, contribute and promote the development of the Costa Rican society, for the construction of human welfare, taking as reference the principles of equity, dignity, solidarity and security of people and their rights.

The academic quality and the human warmth of the University have been recognized by hundreds of journalists now in the newsrooms and offices of the most important media agencies and government institutions of Costa Rica. The University has remained at the forefront, offering a variety of postgraduate courses for the continuous specialization of communicators.

The School of Medicine was founded in 1999. It offers a modern curriculum in accordance with WHO recommendations oriented towards Primary Care.  The School of Medicine has a strong commitment towards social programs bridging the inequality in healthcare.  Since 2012, Casa del Socorro, our adjunct Health Clinic has been providing free healthcare to over 5000 people per year allowing our students to gain critical real world training while helping the community.

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