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1. General Description

San Marcos University focuses on the professional training of Costa Rican citizens with a sense of the present and a strong vision of the future, contributing on the sustainable development of businesses in the country. With a successful 19-year career, the University was approved by CONESUP on the session N°290-96 in January 24th, 1996. In 2012, the University joined Ilumno Network, the most important network of universities in Latin America.

Life in campus:

San Marcos University is an urban university located in San José downtown, near Francisco Morazán, and offers vehicle access and footpaths.

Member of Ilumno Network:

Ilumno Network, one of the most important networks of universities in Latin America, which also is a ground-breaking organization in virtual-based education with a presence in 7 countries. The institutions belonging to the Network collaborate through excellence centers to transform the traditional educational paradigms, widening the access to higher education of quality in the region.


San Marcos University holds its main headquarters in a single campus in San José downtown, with an easy access to services and channels of public transportation such as buses and interurban train.


Transforming higher education through sustainable actions of quality, ethics, leadership, inclusion, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


2. International Programs

San Marcos University makes available the academic programs of business administration and accounting to foreign students. Both programs are taught in virtual-based and classroom-based modes.


Program description:

The Bachelor of Accounting is designed for the students to acquire the theoretical-practical knowledge and the skills to perform tasks in accounting. One of the main strengths of the programs is the intake that the teaching staff provides with their professional experience in the administrative and accounting areas.

Entry profile:

People skilled in dealing with numbers, following processes, and organizing data and information.


Program description:

The Bachelor of Business Administration is designed for the students to acquire the theoretical-practical knowledge and the skills in the efficient development of managing businesses. The main strength of the programs is the contribution of the staff in their experience of having managed businesses and organizations.

Entry profile:

People having entrepreneurial and leadership skills, with interest in management, and a vision of efficiency and planning.

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